The well being of our residents is dependent on their experiences throughout the day. At Mission Villa we strive to provide the highest quality of meals entertainment and overall care to our resident members.



We recognize that nutrition, and staying active mentally and physically is important with age. Your loved ones remain active with daily activities, such as reading, craft projects, puzzles and social time with house mates.



At Mission Villa we pride ourselves in the food we serve. With the assistance of several consultants we have constructed menus for our residents that include fresh, nutrient-dense foods at each meal. 

We work closely with our chefs to develop entrees for our residents that accommodate any dietary preferences, restrictions, requirements, and religious restrictions.  



We invite local musicians and entertainers to provide our residents with live shows. Whether it's a one man band, a singer extraordinaire, a delightfully accordion player, a church choir, or  a pianist we ensure that each resident has the opportunity to immerse themselves in musical experiences.

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Secure Perimeters, 24 hour surveillance in all areas, wired screens, simple facility layout all ensure maximum safety and security for your loved one.



Our in house medical doctor, Dr. Anthony Allina visits all patients every six weeks or as needed. He and his staff are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Any change in a resident is reported to Dr. Allina and adjustments to a resident's care plan are implemented immediately.

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When the journey of life comes to an end, hospice is often called. Mission Villa uses a local hospice agency for more than ten years. Their staff is well trained and know exactly what to do at the appropriate times. Staff members and medical professionals unite to ensure your loved one and family has every resource necessary for a peaceful passing.



Mission Villa is pleased to offer short-term and temporary care of dementia patients to provide relief to the regular caregiver. When a break is needed or having a special event to attend, call Mission Villa to reserve a room for your loved one.