Mission Villa is a residential care facility specializing in the care of the dementia and Alzheimer's stricken individual.  We understand and respond to their very special needs. The skills, experience, and warmth of our staff make Mission Villa a model of memory care.

Residents First

We put the resident first - individualizing care plans to emphasize the needs, interests, routines, preferences, strengths and abilities of the resident with dementia or Alzheimer's. To be successful in care plan management, proper caregiver-to-resident ratios must be set to ensure the resident has sufficient staffing to fulfill his or her needs. We pride ourselves on our outstanding ratios.

Past, Present and Future

Additionally, our individualized care plans include consideration of the resident's past. By incorporating their pasts, we promote their futures. Our philosophy of care is based on the concepts of hope and future.

Expertly-Designed Facilities

Our facility was designed from the group up using several architects and experts that specialize in building dementia facilities. Because it was custom-built for dementia residents, the modern design features known to be necessary and advantageous for this population have been incorporated.

Feels Like Home

Mission Villa retains the feel of home, where each of our 14 residents enjoys a suite decorated with warm antiques and cherished family heirlooms. Nestled in beautiful downtown Santa Barbara, residents enjoy all the comforts of a home-like atmosphere, staffed by kind and caring professionals, dedicated to providing the highest quality of life possible.

Additional Benefits

  • Top level management and staff
  • A warm and comforting atmosphere
  • Resident-centered approach to care
  • 24-hour security system
  • On-site concierge medicine
  • Transportation to medical and dental care
  • The Rainbow Connection - fresh, healthful meals
  • Daily exercise and activity programs
  • Meaningful activities and celebrations
  • English-only facility for optimal communication
  • Hospice care
  • Respite care
  • A Mary Oakley Foundation facility